Who do I need to contact after changing devices in my device-restricted account?

  1. Contact Your Supervisor:

    • Reach out to your supervisor or Teleporte administrator promptly for the organization restricted.
    • Inform them about the device change and request registration for the new device in Teleporte.
    • You can check which organization has implemented this restriction by accessing the account tab in the Teleporte app.

  2. Importance of Device Registration:

    • Device restriction ensures secure access, limiting usage to specific devices.
    • Changing devices without updating in Teleporte affects key downloads and lock access.
  3. Administrator's Role:

    • Only Teleporte administrators can register new devices in Teleporte for device-restricted accounts.
    • Contact your Teleporte administrator to facilitate the registration process for your new device.

Important Note: Our support team is unable to unregister devices on your behalf. Please coordinate with your supervisor or Teleporte administrator for any device-related changes in your Teleporte account.