What to do if my account is suspended?

If your account in Teleporte is suspended, it impedes your ability to interact with locks, leaving you unable to open them until the suspension is resolved. 

First, navigate to the "Accounts" tab within the Teleporte App to review your memberships and identify the reason for your suspension.


Device Restricted

If your membership is suspended due to device restrictions, refer to the guide Who do I need to contact after changing devices in my device-restricted account? for instructions on resolving this issue.


Phone Number Required

Some organizations mandate users to provide a phone number. If your suspension is due to this requirement, simply fill out your phone number as prompted within the app, and your account suspension will be automatically resolved.


Passwordless Required

Certain organizations enforce passwordless sign-ins. If your suspension is related to this requirement, consult our Sign in to the mobile application guide to learn how to sign in using passwordless authentication. Once signed in with passwordless, your account suspension should be automatically resolved.


Suspended by the Admin

If your account was suspended by an administrator, you'll need to contact your supervisor or Teleporte administrator to initiate the unsuspension process.


Important Note: Our support team does not have the capability to unsuspend accounts. It is imperative that you contact your supervisor or Teleporte administrator to resolve this issue promptly.