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Request Access to a Sera4 Lock - iOS

Teleporte users can use the mobile application to request access to a Sera4 lock nearby.

Does your app look different from the screenshots below?

Please, check this page instead: Request Access to a Sera4 Lock - Android 

You might be using our new Teleporte Android version.


  • A data connection is needed to send an access request to the Teleporte admin web platform.
  • Sera4 lock must be within 5 meters of the mobile device
  • Enterprise Teleporte license


If you require additional keys to access locks within Teleporte, you can either request them from your Teleporte administrator or supervisor. Follow the steps below to request access:

Requesting Keys from the Teleporte Administrator

Teleporte users can request access to locks that they don't have keys directly to the relevant Teleporte administrators. 

Urgent Assistance

If you require immediate assistance or have urgent access needs, please contact your supervisor or Teleporte administrator directly.

Troubleshooting Missing Keys

If you confirmed with your supervisor or Teleporte administrator that you should have keys to specific locks but the keys are not showing in the Teleporte app, please, follow these steps:

  1. Sign out of the Teleporte mobile application.
  2. Sign back in and check the keys again. Refer to the image below to check your assigned keys in Teleporte App.
  3. This process may resolve any issues with missing keys.
  4. Please, refer to the guide "Sign in to the Mobile Application" for more detailed instructions on signing into the Teleporte app.

Important Note: Our support team is unable to create keys for your user. Please coordinate with your supervisor or Teleporte administrator to have keys assigned to you.