Quick-Start Guide to the SLC2 Controller - Android

Learn how to use the SLC2 controller

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With the SLC2 controller, customers have the ability to seamlessly integrate third-party electric locks into the Teleporte keyless ecosystem. By utilizing the Teleporte mobile application, users can conveniently access these electric locks, while administrators have the capability to monitor and manage accesses through the Teleporte web interface.


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SLC2 Controller Hardware


System Power Options

There are three options available to power the controller using an external DC source. These power inputs can be connected simultaneously, with priority given to the primary input first, followed by the backup input, and finally the emergency input. The emergency input can also be connected to the access pad accessory.

This means that the backup power source is utilized only when the primary input is unavailable, and the emergency power source is used only when both the primary and backup power sources are unavailable.

Installation and Wiring Example

Check the SLC2 installation manual for detailed information about the installation of the SLC2 controller. The diagram below shows an example of how the SLC2 controller can be wired to a standard third-party electric lock. In this case, the controller generates a 12VDC control signal to open the electric lock when authorized access has been granted. 

Wiring Documents for electric locks

The following table presents examples of electric locks that can be integrated into the SLC2 controller. Please follow the recommendations in this document to select a third-party electric lock for your application.

Lock Type Brand Model
Indoor Swing Handle Southco H3-EM
Indoor Swing Handle Dirak MLR 1000
Outdoor Swing Handle Dirak MLE 1102
Electric Strike Camdem CX-ED1309
Electric Strike Abloy HES 5000
RIM Electric Strike Camdem CX-ED1259L
Electric Deadbolt  Dirak MLU 1004
Electric Deadlatch Adams Rite Steel Hawk 4300
Electric Rotatory Southco R4-EM-9D3-15A0

Mobile Application SLC2 Icons

When the controller is detected in the mobile application, the icons will provide further information about the status of the controller as shown in the image below.


How to open a lock with the SLC2 controller

If the user already has a key to unlock the lock, they should select the lock from the mobile application once it has been detected, and then choose the option to UNLOCK. Follow this guide to learn more about how to use the Teleporte Mobile Application to open locks.