Quick-Start Guide to the AP3 Padlock - Android

Learn how to use the AP3 padlock

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AP3 Padlock Hardware

The button on the padlock serves as a way to activate the device whenever a user needs to open it. Additionally, this button allows users to open the padlock without a smartphone by entering a 4-digit access code, as explained on this page.

The micro-USB port located on the side of the padlock provides a backup power source in case the battery runs out. For more information, please refer to this page.

The LED indicator displays the status of the padlock when it is active. It should be illuminated whenever a user wants to connect and open the padlock.

The tether points offer the option to secure the padlock to a perimeter or surface using a cable or even a Kensington lock. This helps prevent users from removing the padlock once it is unlocked or accidentally dropping it.

Mobile Application Padlock Icons

When the padlock is detected in the mobile application, the icons will provide further information about the status of the padlock as shown in the graph below.


How to open the AP3 padlock

If the user already has a key to unlock the padlock, they should select the lock from the mobile application once it has been detected, and then choose the option to UNLOCK. The padlock can be closed by simply pushing the shackle down unless it has the Connected Latch feature enabled, as explained in the following section.

Please refer to this page for troubleshooting.


How to close the AP3 padlock with Connected Latch

Connected latch is a convenient feature in Teleporte that allows users to securely close locks and padlocks using their mobile device. To close the lock, simply use the Teleporte mobile application to detect and connect to the padlock again.