Open a padlock with Failed Safe Unlock (FSU) access codes

Teleporte users can open Sera4 padlocks with a 4-digit access code that is generated by Teleporte administrators.


  • Enterprise Teleporte license
  • Padlock have FSU enabled

In order to use the Fail Safe Unlock feature, you can enter the code by completing the following steps:

  1. Hold down the button for 3 seconds and then release:
    1. If successful, the lock should begin to flash the LED rapidly.
    2. If the padlock does not support unlocking via code, the LED will slowly flash red three times and turn off.
  2. While flashing rapidly, hold down the button to count the number of LED flashes
    1. Lock will begin to flash the LED on and off slowly; count each time the LED is flashed on.

    2. Release the button when the count is equal to the first digit of the access code (above).

      For example, if the first digit of the access code is 4:
              - hold the button until you see the LED flash on four times,
              - release the button before the fifth time the LED flashes on.

  3. Repeat Step 2 for each digit in the four digit access code:
    1. If the access code is entered successfully, the lock will open immediately.
    2. If unsuccessful, the lock will flash red three times.