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Fail-Safe Unlock Access Codes

Failsafe Unlock

The Failsafe Unlock (FSU) feature enables Teleporte administrators to generate 4-digit access codes for field engineers, eliminating the need to download a Teleporte digital key.

With the FSU feature, users receive a 4-digit flash pattern that can be replicated by holding the button on the padlock or the controller AccessPad. Entering the correct code will grant access to the lock, as demonstrated on this page. This means that users can open locks even without a working smartphone.

Furthermore, the FSU access codes can also be used through the Teleporte mobile application using the Virtual AccessPad feature, as shown in this page. This option is available to all users, including those without a Teleporte account, as the mobile application does not require login credentials to open a lock with the Virtual AccessPad feature.

Redundancy with Security

The FSU feature has been designed to provide an added layer of redundancy while maintaining the utmost security. To prevent any potential misuse, the access codes are rotated every 4 hours, while ensuring a unique sequence for each lock. Additionally, the system keeps a record of audit trails whenever a set of FSU codes is generated in Teleporte.

How to Generate FSU access codes

To generate access codes, administrators can simply select the option on the lock page with the dial-pad icon. These codes will then be emailed to the selected user along with detailed instructions on how to use them. The codes are also shown to the administrators on the screen in case they need to be shared through other means. For a visual demonstration of this process, please refer to the video below.